Ziggs blows up Heimerdinger with music | Hextech Mayhem FULL Playthrough - hextech-mayhem.com

Ziggs blows up Heimerdinger with music | Hextech Mayhem FULL Playthrough

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Riot Forge’s new rhythm game Hextech Mayhem just came out and it’s not as easy as it looks.

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  1. We need a game based around bandle city asap!

  2. As a musician, you calling them half beats makes me seeth

  3. Gangplank, but you build him like LeBlanc so he becomes GangBlanc

    Day 413

  4. An hour and a half long Ross video? Pog champ

  5. riot told me gwen dealt damage based on her hp so i made gwen THICC. recommended build: Frostfire Gauntlet, Warmog's Armor, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Demonic Embrace, Gargoyle Stoneplate and Plate Steelcaps. day 226

  6. League of Legends but it's the Shuriman Empire: Azir, Xerath, and 3 other Shuriman champions (doesn't particularly matter who). Everyone has to follow the Azir's orders, except for Xerath, who does the opposite

    League of Legends but it's SOCCER: you have a Rammus, with a Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, Gragas, Maokai, and/or Alistar (an ultimate total of four) on the enemy team who then divide into two teams amongst themselves. Have a Twisted Fate on Rammus's team, and a Katarina on the player's team, who will both function as referee's. Everyone with their soccer skins. TF can gold card Rammus if he decides to start moving. Rules are up to you, play soccer how you will.

    League of Lovers: Ahri, Seraphine, Rakan, and Evelynn, the only people in the game with the charm mechanic (and also Xayah because they're loverbirds).

    League of Legends but Kayn knows consent is important so he has to ask before he can ult.

    League of Legends but it's just a series where you follow Darkkmane's guides

    League of Legends but you use the time you have in Mordekaiser's Ult to try out pickup lines on the victim.

    League of Legends but it's Avatar: The Last Airbender: Water (Nami, Pyke), Earth (Taliyah, Malphite, Rell, or Ornn), Fire (Brand, Annie, or Ornn), Air (Janna, Yasuo, or Yone), and the Avatar (Qiyana, Udyr, Aphelios, or Elementalist Lux.)

    Day 481
    day 44 since he responded to my email

  7. Who needs a map!
    Ross plays Ezreal on a locked screen with his friends but can not look at the mini map and has to guess or have his friends tell him the information he needs (where they're fighting, where to ult, etc.)
    Day 11

  8. What they should have done is used the champ login themes

  9. Atk speed Aurelion Sol, because for real, no one is expecting that
    Day: 229
    : ^)

    Esit: wow, 1 hour of video! Nice

  10. Catatouille: yuumi on adc but yuumi controls the adc. Tells them to do everything from movement, to attacks, to items. Bonus points if on Twitch (the champ). Day 56

  11. Why is everything coming out at once is this a massive marketing push or something

  12. "League of Legends but I build the 6 most expensive items Day 264

    Credits for obey link commentend 1 year ago"

  13. Wukong's Q when maxed with stacked lethal tempo and RFC has 540 range. You know what to do. Day #1

  14. Gwen but maximum slows/CC on the team so she doesn’t have to run with scissors. Day 194 too many.

  15. Full AP Galio because he's a giant hypocrite

    Day 53

  16. Does this game give ratchet and clank vibes to anyone else or what

  17. For those who don't like the controls on keyboard. The arrow keys also work so I recommend up and down arrows + K for the bombs

  18. All this variety would pair well with a nice relaxed nuzlocke

  19. I would love to see an all yordles team, but everyone builds Frostfire Gauntlet, because they don't want to be small anymore <3

    Day 163 <3

    Additional community feedback/recommendations: Lulu, Gnar, include Gargoyles Stoneplate, Overgrowth and Elixir of Iron

  20. Riot finally used their brains and made a game based on their strongest asset

  21. if you like this and you like shooters you should really BPM(bullets per muinite)
    its a stelar game ^^

  22. With THAT animation style, I would love to see a Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank like game made with LOL characters. Or maybe just something Yordle related.

  23. Although the perspective and concept is completely different, i got real Crash Bandicoot vibes from it.

  24. The music sounds super similar to crash bandicoot and I'm here for it

  25. Irleie, but she only buys swords encasuse she need smore!

    DAY 846 (847?) :,) (bonus points for yk)

  26. Ross missed
    Every. Single. Box. in the beginning. I am tilted

  27. me listening to ross say COGGERS for an hour and a half

  28. 5 man Pentakill vs 5 man KDA to prove who is the better band. Day 109

  29. the problem with freestyle: it isn’t actually freestyle, you can’t just do what you want that matches with the music outside of the prompts, you have to do what the devs wanted you to do outside of the prompts to “freestyle” and then freestyle becomes an extraordinarily clear gimmick

  30. Day 2 of Galeforce Lethal Tempo Sett so he can come as close as he'd like.

  31. Dude the hidden prompts was actually a huge win for me with this game. I love that they did it.

  32. Ross: "I want to try not to die"
    Also Ross: "kinda want to test how many times I can die"

  33. At first I was like “eh this game is ok” then after watching Ross and I’m like “the damn music actually is pretty dope” and looking up the whole soundtrack lol

  34. This game was really good. I played through it all already as well. Reminded me of Donkey Kong. Am amazing.

  35. Ross not even trying to get the balloons hurt me

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