Official Riot Forge Showcase - Nintendo Switch | November 16, 2021 -

Official Riot Forge Showcase – Nintendo Switch | November 16, 2021

Riot Forge
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Watch the recap of the official Riot Forge Showcase with Nintendo Switch to see Runeterra like never before. Join us in bringing players old and new on an adventure through one of gaming’s richest universes, where you can interact with our champions to experience never-before-heard stories and explore never-before-seen places.

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  1. seems like riot is noticing that noone want's to play league anymore

  2. wow league is DESPERATE for young fans. i wonder why?

  3. Zigg's gameplay was terrific awesome!!!! Like Geometry Dash!

  4. faz em portugues tbm, acho que vai ser o primeiro jogo em portugues no switch, KAPPA

  5. i really hope you won't be making this solely for the switch..

  6. showwwwwwwwwww, muito bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. With all this focus on making the lore in the LoL universe closer to us and all the beautiful things you guys are creating I just can't imagine how beautiful the MMORPG game will be and I really can't wait to experience it!
    Awesome work guys really!

  8. NICE..
    AHAHAHAHAHA.. 😈😈😈😈👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟

  9. That's pretty neat! I'll be looking forward to play these games 😊

  10. imagine if they created an mmo,that could be epic!

  11. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! THNX RIOT for making thoose love U!!!!!


  13. For someone who haven't played any League of Legends games and have watched Arcane, I would like to try these amazing, fun-looking, and well thought of games in my switch!

  14. Amazing já comprei o Ruined King hoje mesmo no Nintendo Switch z(^o^)/

  15. how cares about this champions? the meta is broken like this games.


  16. Anyone else see the resmblence between leanne and caitlyn?

  17. it’s lovely how i when they talk i can believe they’re being genuine and really want to share the stories of runeterra, love the games so far 😀

  18. Ekko's game is similar to Prince of Perisa – Acrobatics, Combat and Time Rewind

  19. boomers explaining games to me. no thanks

  20. Riot really went off these past few months. And I can't even describe how happy this makes me.
    As nickyboy has said, league is bound to die one day, but its champions can live on. First Arcane and now all of this- it really does make me happy that riot is doing this
    Song of nunu is looking so heartwarming already, hextech mayhem is honestly looking more fun than I thought it would be, I can't wait to see what unique ideas conv/rgence will bring, and even the ruined king game has me rather hyped for someone who wasn't really interested in it at first

  21. Having watched Arcane, I’m intrigued by the lore of this world, and would love to explore more of it. Ruined King and Convergence have piqued my interest.

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