New League Game (Hextech Mayhem) !!! Trailer/Gameplay Teaser -

New League Game (Hextech Mayhem) !!! Trailer/Gameplay Teaser

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New League Game Hextech Mayham trailer and gameplay teaser !! “Like” if you enjoyed & Click The BELL For Notifications!!
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New League Game (Hextech Mayhem) !!! Trailer/Gameplay Teaser

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  1. Is it just me or does red look really thin compared to a year ago

  2. Man what is that game… you swing a sword or saber to strike boxes in a rhythm or beat… its on the tip of my tough 😛

    Answer: (Beat Saber)

  3. The game you were thinking of is called "Geometry Dash"

  4. You've heard of League Auto Chess, you've heard of League Hearthstone, you've heard of Riot Counter Strike and now get ready for League Geometry Dash!

  5. finally, my geometry dash skills will be put to good use

  6. I’m here waiting for league of legends street fighter and we get this shit?

  7. types in 'steam side scrolling game'
    Red: 'I can't find it'

    Red is one of those people that hear a song and types in 'song that goes aahh ahh ee oo ee' and expects to find it xD
    Let be real, we have all done that at some point tho.

  8. those are the music levels from rayman raving rabbits. These were actually great. Not really holding my breath for this one though.

  9. pre-order ? that means its payed
    no ill pass

  10. If you look at my channel, you'll know im excited for this game

  11. It looks like a game that vtubers would play and I'm sure Riot is aware of that. More streamers, more views, more people interested in the game, more cash

  12. people who actually play this 'inserts clown emohi'

  13. STILL waiting for the Runeking games… 0 news 0 updats….

  14. I mean, it looks like a cool concept but did we need this? I think Riot has enough side games for now; it’d be nice to see the funding more into fixing the original game’s client and more ASU’s/VGU’s.

    It’s scary how outdated League still is with their champs despite the growth it’s seen in the past like 10 years.
    Also Ruined King still hasn’t come out LUL

  15. Oo how original. Never seen something like this before. Definitely never been anything like this before

  16. -_- I want to play the lore not something that has already been done

  17. Man and im still waiting on that fighter but geometry dash sure

  18. i guess steam game is named geomotry dash

  19. It's just like the rhythm game in psp. I think its called Patapon

  20. modern patapon game with league on it.

  21. People in comments keep talking about Geometry Dash, when I clearly see a Mix between Muse Dash and Rayman Legends

  22. Yes, the game is like Geometry Dash and a lot of games like it. (it's the same genre.. What you guys expect?) but it looks pretty damn fun and I can't wait to play it!

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