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Legends Never Die | Hextech Mayhem

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  1. Bro is not even hitting the hidden prompts

  2. Always appreciate the variety content grapp ❤️

  3. Legends Never Die and Phoenix are by far my favorite League songs. Glad to see them getting some love.

  4. Mr strimer actually showing us that legends never die

  5. Good on him for completing this run, only took him almost a year to complete it

  6. Un comentario fue suficiente para que grapplr terminará casi 4 horas intentando terminar la canción al primer intento per termino con una gra apuesta y valió la pena totalmente.

  7. Legends never die, they just restart the run till they make it

  8. Hey Mr Grapple, is there a story time you might upload on why u seem to be bruised on your forehead? We know you train and stuff, or it might be because of something else, but idk, just curious.

  9. I was here the whole time, and I must say that the Chat was both supportive and sarcastic at the same time KEKW

  10. Pantheon is an admirer of humanity's achievements with music and rhythm, an inherently human concept. He would be proud of this man.

  11. Godd i love this video so much, keep up the awsome content brother 💪💪
    Also we want more variety videos on Youtube, really fun to watch

  12. It's no Nier Automata or dj hero, but the music in this game is pretty good.

  13. Is GrappLr’s head okay here? It looks like he has a red line on it. It’s possible I’m seeing things or I missed recently something.

    Keep up the good content though!

  14. More of this. Pls Tams ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

  15. Upload tft pls, new meta legend + dragonmancer trait makes bear more tanky then dragon

  16. Seeing the chat go nuts was really funny 😂 the non-believers!

  17. damn he finish only on second try!!!


  18. Going for the hidden beats is the true challenge MonkaS

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