Is TFT Greedy? Pirate Pride and RIP Path of Champions - Wood Division Podcast Ep. 10 w/ @NickyBoi -

Is TFT Greedy? Pirate Pride and RIP Path of Champions – Wood Division Podcast Ep. 10 w/ @NickyBoi

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Happy Pride Month everybody 🙂

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► Chapters
0:00 – Intro
04:45 – Challenges
08:16 – Bel’Veth
18:26 – Seraphine’s Hair Drama
23:07 – Riot leaked SG Rell
25:48 – LoR and Events
53:12 – Ahri ASU Tease
57:02 – The Street Fighter Incident
01:02:41 – TF and Graves
1:12:35 – Path of Champions
1:27:19 – Diablo Immortal
01:31:57 – TFT is greedy?
01:44:39 – Its Morbin Time
01:50:26 – Double Up Ranked
01:56:14 – Happy Pride Month
02:04:21 – Wrapping it up


  1. i don't think the lady with the many hands and weird clothes is a ex lover of Graves, TF just mentioned her and Vayne because he is jealous and wanted to know what's up, like mentioned in the story

  2. At this point Nicky should be a permanent member of the podcast

  3. I love how NickyBoi turns off when they start talking about the [REDACTED] Prestige Skin.

  4. I think u should stop mentioning PvE, Necrit is consuming unhealthy amount of hopium + copium

  5. As someone who's read the manga twice and watched like 90ish% of the anime + re-watched everything pre-timeskip, you have to be fucking insane to tell someone new to One Piece to watch it over reading it. The anime is incredibly good a decent amount of the time, but the manga is just so much more consistent in plot and feasibly digestible.

  6. Thanks for another fun podcast! Even as someone that loves draconic aesthetics, it's honestly fucking hilarious that Riot thinks big pearly dragon taking up half a map = mythic board skin.

  7. Every episode Necrit copium supply increases

  8. Spirit Blossom is based off of Asian mythology of souls. To make a new SB skin, Riot will have to see if other spirits can fit with champion models. The SB event was based off of the soul festival after all.

  9. I agree with Nickyboi so much. I mostly use Jinx because of her power and most of the time it revolves around other cards or champions. Mostly Asol which is great cause it's funny seeing Jinx pal around with a massive dragon.

  10. About Bel'Veth head only being removed when she's into final form, i kinda think it's for the better. Like, people are going to be AFRAID of the monster form in game, as she's way more powerful that way

    As for the lore part : I guess she's using the head when she's discussing with a human not to deceive them but to show them humanity is a part of her, then she removes the head and adopts her true form when she wants to show people she's a threat. That's what she did with Kai'Sa, she wanted to frighten her

  11. I love how these people,came together out of entirely different places ,both in parts of the game they work on and home countries,and yet they are all so logical. They might disagree on something,but they get along so well.Its nice to have this as a part of the community.

  12. I disagree I think Rell would join the Star Guardians just to spend time with cute girls in Sailor Scout costumes

  13. Wait here over at EUW you didnt get a free Ziggs Skin ??? All you received was a Special emote / and or a Emote, right?
    Also 1:15:29 sums it up perfectly

  14. I'm honestly baffled by the response to the LoR post. I'm not gonna say it's a good sign that they flip-flopped like that, and quickly, but as they were showing more and more emphasis on Path of Champions, a lot of people were being very down on that, in particular the content creators. So a statement that they're refocusing on PvP being heralded as "Oh, no, the game's gonna die, I better stop playing now." is SUCH an overreaction in my PoV.

  15. My comment is rather long, but you touched on quite a few topics I'm uniquely passionate about.

    I personally think Riot will do PvE content for League, but it will likely be when their playerbase dwindles or shifts enough that the people who were part of the original data are no longer a major factor to their bottom line.

    In Regards to the LoR section:
    I think LoR is one of the worst games I've ever played, the PvP is infuriating and exhausting; this comes down to 2 things:
    1. The Monetization
    Unlike Hearthstone (A game I love) you can actually make ANY deck in LoR within a reasonable time frame, however this also means anyone can make a meta deck with almost no barriers to entry and since winning is beneficial, everyone just runs meta decks and ruins the experience with repetition.
    2. The Spell system
    Frankly, it's exhausting and infuriating to have a spells arms race to ping down one unit and the loser is whoever gets baited or whoever got luckier (with more spells). It is so incredibly tilting and frankly, I despise LoR solely because of how annoying this system is and how it interacts with the innate RNG of a card game.

    However if the PvP was better, I would be cripplingly addicted to LoR; I honestly hope Riot can work out the insane number of mechanics they've added, Path of Champions made me actually care about the future of the game again (I quit a month after release and I come back to farm cards with friends after each expansion)

    In Regards to Chronoshift and WoW Classic:
    Blizzard outright stated during Blizzcon's Q&A section one year, that they would not make WoW classic because "you think you want it, but you don't" that situation was sickeningly tone-deaf, Blizzard was outright confronted by the popularity of WoW classic and the demand for that product was literally staring at them. They only made WoW classic because the game's popularity (from my biased perspective) has been on the decline and as I stated with League PvE, the audience had shifted enough for WoW classic to be incredibly lucrative.

    Old players came back in droves to relive their nostalgia and remember all the good times. League might end up doing the same thing, but we should be thankful that Riot didn't insult and belittle us like Blizzard did. They know there's a market, but they don't realistically have time or developers to expend in order to create a difficult to monetize product that would further fragment League player base (which is why no alternative game modes have ever withstood the test of time).

    A really long winded comment, but it's my first time seeing a podcast touch on so many interesting topics.

  16. Most people just play summoners rift when they play league. Its not because they dont want to play pve or other gamemodes its because there is nothing else to play but summoners rift. If there were multiple different gamemodes people would play them. What baffels me is that there isnt a 1v1 mode and a 2v2 mode on the bilgewater bridge. They could even make it ranked. That alone would be played so much

  17. everytime Necrit opens his mouth about gameplay… I swear

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