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I CAN’T WAIT to play adc again

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The new durability changes make me so hyped to play adc
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  1. ross can we see some more clash games (or anything that has the whole team on comms, i find it very entertaining)

  2. ACTIVE: Jax enters Evasion for 2 seconds:
    a defensive stance that causes him to dodge all incoming non-Turret turret basic attacks and take 25% Damage reduction reduced damage from all area of effect abilities sourced from champions.

    Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second, and does so automatically after the duration.

  3. Adc's think they can come back? Prove them wrong with full lethality dh Jarvan supp

  4. As a man from Norway, knowing you have the leverpostei kid in your stream is indeed crazy. I have seen that face a million times.

  5. 5:55 Hey Ross there are buttons at the top to change what info you want to see now instead of clicking each player.

  6. Glad you're into Dimension 20!!! Every season gets better and better.

  7. Ross saying he watches Dimension 20 is the best thing I've heard in a minute.

  8. Yo, now that he's even more durable, can we get stridebreaker jhin back?

  9. Even as a 9/1 ezreal, instead of two qs to bring down a rakan, it took three, love the look of this update

    Current viewer ideas this week: 1

  10. Honestly made me so happy to hear Ross talk about D20 :))

  11. take your family and pets to work day. Yorick Annie Ivern Malzahar Maokai

  12. Yoooo my boy watches dimension 20 LESGOOOOOOOO

  13. bruh this isnt game changing btw, they did like 3% this 4% that 100more hp. ur still gonna be able to get one shot

  14. Can't wait for ADCs to be unkillable, untouchable, and do 40% of your hp per auto

  15. Singed is either op or i was facing good singed players on pbe

  16. Day 2 of asking Ross to do Pantheon Sejuani Bot, empowered w + sejuani e is disgusting… I promise it’s stronger than Pantheon and Braum

  17. 5 man Pentakill vs 5 man KDA to prove who is the better band once and for all. Day 279

  18. Trinity Force Jhin to upset the balance of the universe
    Day 25

  19. As a xayah main watching that xayah and rakan duo brought me pain

  20. Please review this 1mil mastery 57% Wr Bronze Warwick Jungler.
    NA Summoner: SmashinMW4
    DAY 4

  21. So day 1 of Ross trying Hail of blades Nami with no flash. HOW WILL WE KNOW UNTIL WE TEST IT?

  22. Ross, can you please do me a solid and keep talking about Dimension 20 and D&D in general? I will PayPal you a fiver.

  23. Ross you gotta aim those Ez skillshots at the enemy champions

  24. No spoilers Ross, but Season 2 has some pretty choice Zac Oyama and Ricky Matsui moments

  25. Ross, Draven W let's him run through minions, incase you play him in the future

  26. I can't decide which is funnier: Ross doing German, or his Japanese in the English accent.

  27. To hear you talk about how you've been watching Dimension 20 makes me oddly happy. I think it's because you're one of the most relatable streamers I've seen on this platform. Keep up the awesome content man!!!

  28. most streamers: I'll get my self a stream deck. funny sounds haha
    ross: I'll do it my self

  29. I honestly like all the healing nerfs and more resistance and turrests dealing more damage feels much more balanced so it doesn't give the feeling of the need of having an assasin

  30. Fun fact: All of the stat increases pretty much are tied to levels, so a level lead is absolute far more important and destructive to your enemies than before this update. Just like how if your enemies get a level lead, they're now going to feel even more unkillable than before.

  31. League of legends but everyone builds Anathema's Chains in a cc comp so everybody in the enemy team suffers from it

    Day: 243

  32. I really think we should have natural ghosting. Like make it so we can run through units regardless and just rename Ghost to Adrenaline. Or at least make it so we can run through our own units cause it's obnoxious.

  33. I like your energy, I think I'll keep it

  34. Day 40 of The Groundskeeper:
    Groundskeeper Swain (jng) has to make the rounds to clear out the pests (ganking) and literally feed (1st/bird seed emote on every gank) the birds (Only Anivia, Azir, Quinn, Xayah, Rakan as allies)

    Petition for ross to play jhingle until he wins every may day 12

    Do moonstone twitch support, thanks luminum for the idea, do whatever build after, day 7

  35. cant wait for the update neither, sounds interesting and i wanna see how kindred will be affected as they're an adc but in the jg 🙂

  36. league of pokemons
    annie has tibbers
    ivern has dizy
    yorik has maiden
    sejuani has drüvask (snow fat horse)
    and nunu have willump

  37. Ok that veig already tilted me at the beginning of the game 😂🤣 he was so BLIND. I’d have already tilted and ignored mid all game.

  38. You should watch Starstruck Odyssey from Dimension 20, it is good 🙂

  39. League of Legends but you play as the KDA squad.
    Top – Akali
    Jungle: Evelynn
    Mid: Ahri
    Adc: Kai'sa
    Sup: Seraphine
    Bonus points if you use the Pop/Stars or the KDA All Out skins.

    Day 197

  40. "Durability patch" riot said, as the enemy champions still deal like 50% of my total with just 1 attack lvl 1…

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