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HEXTECH MAYHEM should be really good, but…

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UPDATE: Riot confirmed on twitter that they will be patching in key rebinding in the future:


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  1. It's good to know this will be patched, because this game kind og seems perfect for league players, more specifically streamer, because League players love to play something while in queue, or in champ select

  2. I mean, frustration feels by design in Riot Games' games.

  3. Until they patch it, use autohotkey to rebind.

  4. This looks like it could be a good mobile game

  5. Currently I use space for jump, middle mouse for down, and right mouse for bomb. There are multiple control configs that the game doesn't explicetly tell you, but it certainly is strange than you cant reconfigure the controls.

  6. The controls look like Ziggs programmed them in himself. That's some crazy control scheme

  7. I'm hoping they patch this then maybe if I know they have patched this I'll play it lol

  8. I want to have this on mobile so bad. I love ziggs and rhythm game too aaggggh

  9. Haha I love that the rating is the league ranks that's genius

  10. I love the idea of the game but the music is a little basic I would love some of the league songs to be in there that would make it way more fun some of the Arcane songs LDA true damage etc would be amazing

  11. They focused so much on color-blindness accessibility (which is good), they forgot the basic rebindable keys option

  12. Thankfully, the controller layout is exactly what I have been using in Fighting Games for a couple years.

    But yeah, I hope they put the re-bind option soon.

  13. You can freestyle in this game because there are HIDDEN notes that you gotta look for but even they are matching the music
    This is actually the best rhytm game ive seen in my life (except for controls but oh well)

  14. This game seems like it should have a murdered cop counter

  15. The basic controls seriously look like they tried to mix the usual 4 key DJFK scheme with the 5 key DFspaceJK scheme, and ended up making an akward mess of a default control scheme

  16. Your (very justified) rant about the keyboards at the start reminded me of Total Biscuit for some reason, and now I'm sad…

  17. Saw it on steam few weeks ago, but yea got advertised just yesterday along side the ruined king game after a stream, then also show up on lol clients

  18. Coming from an MMO & FPS background, I play WASD league.

    Rebinding QWER to WASD was one of the first things I did when I started playing in season 3 and I have absolutely no muscle memory or ability to play in standard QWER.

    (if anyone is horrified enough to be morbidly curious how this works:
    A=Q, W=W, D=E, and Ult is on S. Q & E for sums. F&C for item slot hotkeys.
    No changes for ancillary keys like pings and emotes.)

  19. I have been using controller. The controller controls work super well

  20. For me it doesn't show any of the keys you see and my gameplay keys are all on the mouse (by default) instead of keyboard. Weird 🤔

    EDIT 1: If you move your mouse, you get the mouse binding. The moment you use your keyboard, it changes to the keyboard scheme (which is obviously made for two handed control). Hope the patch comes soon for binding although I don't mind the mouse scheme too much.

    EDIT 2: You can use the arrow keys to play even if it doesn't show it in the Controls menu.

    Really fun game overall. You learn about some more mechanics later in the game. Love Ziggs <3

  21. The game honestly look like a lot of fun, but I can agree with you on those key bindings they have. They suck.

  22. I just tried using arrow keys and K, works better but I'd still prefer W, S and Spacebar

  23. Riot made a game that has all the pain in Geometry Dash? cool

  24. “There are items that can only be gotten if you — FUCK OFF!”

  25. Oh Im pleasantly surprised. I expected this game to just be okay, a fine rhythm game that doesn't do anything for me, but I was slightly disappointed but not too surprised when I read your thumbnail and assumed the game was bad. But hearing that your biggest complaint is just the control scheme and the inability to change it surprised me, and I'm happy about that

  26. You can try using external key rebinding software. I use Power toys

  27. That looks fun, and with the patch coming up now it would be awesome!

  28. Also i'm sorry you has a first bad experience for the game

  29. Bizarre! Great video though, glad they’re going to patch it

  30. as a single anded gamer i cna tell you on keyborad this game is unplayable in it current state. the mosue control are odd middle mouse is fall and right is bomb ???

  31. I have been using the default controls and I have actually been loving it. Maybe I am just weird…

  32. i use keyboard and mouse 🙂 use space and D, and left click.

  33. This game has Crash Bandicoot vibes and Iove it.

    I won't play it though I hate rhythm games lol.

  34. I realised it’s made by the same people who made BIT TRIP saga and Runner 2, and the pang of nostalgia I got hit so hard. Thanks Ziggs

  35. Both game released by riot forge looked unpolished but interesting, I think I'll buy them after a month or two to get a better experience

  36. Same thing with Ruined King and having to use the ESC key. It's as if they didn't playtest on PC or something.

  37. the music reminds me so much of crash bandicoot

  38. Mad Rat Dead, but the rat has explosives, would be my summary of the game.

  39. Huh that's weird. I have a totally different controls. Up down and right for bomb. Arrow keys that is

  40. The issue isn't much better with a controller unfortunately. I got it on Switch and I really wish I could rebind the buttons, I don't like Dpad_Down – A – X as the respective buttons, and would have appreciated the ability to rebind and experiment.

  41. i mean worst case would be binding D, K and Space to the desired controller buttons

  42. He reminds me of Bubsy. Anyone else get that vibe?

  43. you can just use up, down, and right arrow keys and there's also mouse controls

  44. I think, if the "D" key is up, "K" key is down, and "Space" to throw a bomb, the control should be significantly more bearable and easier getting used to, cause it's kinda like playing on a gamepad, but yea, key rebind is still the way to go.

  45. Is it just me, or is Ziggs channeling a lot of Bubsy energy in this game?
    I wish they'd chosen a better art style. This game is basically Mad Rat Dead but more intricate, with a way uglier aesthetic.

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