Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game

Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game

Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game

Riot Forge’s latest announcement has taken the gaming community by surprise. Nobody expected a League of Legends champion to get their own spinoff. Especially one as unhinged and uncontrollable as Ziggs. And yet the official promo materials state it loud and clear. The hexplosive expert is indeed going to become the protagonist of the upcoming installment. Millions of fans started searching for the Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game online without much luck. The currently available information is fairly limited. But the promotional materials contain enough hints and breadcrumbs to discern certain facts. This article aims to collect them all in one place and paint a coherent picture. Read on to find out the juiciest details before anyone else.

Explosive Package

Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game online

The gameplay footage shown in the trailer leaves a lot to the imagination. But the gist of it is pretty cut and dried. On the surface, the process resembles popular mobile apps known as endless runners. They typically focus on fluent movement and overcoming various obstacles. However, this adventure has a number of distinctive characteristics that set it apart. The hero has to navigate tricky layouts while following the natural flow of the music. Syncing the keystrokes to the beat creates explosions that produce appropriate sound effects. And if that is not compelling enough, this title has many other advantages, namely:

  • Fun premise featuring recognizable characters from the famous MOBA
  • A unique combination of reflex-based action, musical puzzle, and side-scrolling exploration
  • Mind-blowing combos activated by chaining various attacks together
  • Incredible style with colorful visuals and hilariously chaotic animations

The experience is not intended solely for the LoL fanbase. Those unfamiliar with the IP are likely to find it just as enjoyable. It was developed by Choice Provisions, which many consider a guarantee of top-notch quality.

How to Play Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game

Play Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game

The goal is to help the self-proclaimed Dean of Demolition outrun his uptight rival, Heimerdinger. To achieve the task, run through the streets of Piltover, avoid dangers, and unleash bombs. The developers strived to implement unconventional freestyle mechanics of traversal. This means that there are multiple ways to complete each stage. The timing, on the other hand, has to be absolutely precise. Synchronizing the presses to the soundtrack unlocks score multipliers and allows to perform awesome tricks.

Although this addition to the series differs greatly from the original, it is genuinely exciting. The retail version is coming to major entertainment platforms on November, 16. It is already available for preorder and has a very reasonable price. Perhaps, there will be a way to access Hextech Mayhem Rhythm Game for free. For example, Epic might add it to the list of their regular giveaways. But for now, it is obviously too early to tell. Be sure to check out the crazy interactive journey when it drops. And stay tuned for any news regarding a functional web version.