HEXTECH MAYHEM - New League of Legends GAME ANNOUNCED! Release date and full details - hextech-mayhem.com

HEXTECH MAYHEM – New League of Legends GAME ANNOUNCED! Release date and full details

Travis Gafford
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  1. And still no news about ruined king that was supposed to come out.

  2. I stumbled into this vid because i went to see the featured channels in Happychimenoises's channel… I wouldn't have seen this otherwise, looks pretty cool

  3. Well damn that's random. Looks hype tho

  4. 3rd. but eh this game doesn't look that fun tho

  5. Damn I don’t think I’ve ever done this but 6th

  6. What ever happened to that ruined king game? That was doing the Riot Forge route too, right?

  7. I’ll probably have so much fun with this 😮

  8. Well this is out of left field. Kind of funny this is Riot forge's first game considering ruined king and conv/rgence were announced 2 years ago. Well I can't complain, although not my genre it's nice to see more games coming out!

  9. A game about my favorite champ. Love it

  10. Looks like a mobile game, not my cup of tea. Looking forward to the other games though.

  11. As a Project Diva veteran, this got my attention now

  12. Wtf did I just watch? I wanna know about the LoL MMO already, everything else is…meh :D.

  13. I'm down for a casual rythm game like this with one of my favorite champs, seems fun

  14. Wait, I can play a LoL themed game on my Switch? What year is this?

  15. Riot giving you their whole inside info while they shit on other content creators. Nice.

  16. You are the biggest Riot shill in history.

  17. That music sounds just like a Crash Bandicoot game

  18. Is that game Ruined King waiting room?

  19. This looks like trash, riot really taking an L on this one.

  20. BIT.TRIP Runner series was great, so this will probably be very fun!

  21. Idk ziggs looks disgusting in this trailer. Looks shit

  22. If you can make your own music then I'll buy it or something

  23. Where’s my freaking ruined king 😭

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