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Hextech Mayhem- Level 1-2- CHALLENGER MEDAL!!!!

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Only the second song in the game and this is already getting really tricky when going for the challenger medal. Beating the level is easy of course but a huge warning for anyone who wants to go for the highest rated medal (challenger medal) it’s wayyyy more difficult and way more satisfying to pull off!!!!!! Please enjoy this Challenger run and have an awesome rest of your week!!!!!!



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  1. Ive only gotten challenger on this and stage 1 and it feels like I beat the game but I know better T_T

  2. After 6 or so hours, it felt so good to finally get the Challenger medal on this!!!!!!

  3. It looked deceptively simple but upon buying this and trying it, awesome job on the perfect! It's easy to hit the visible notes but hard to freestyle in-between

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