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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Launch Trailer

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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story from Choice Provisions is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Lose yourself to the music while you bomb to the beat and groove to the mayhem as the Dean of Demolitions.

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  1. This game gives me Geometry dash vibes like im seeing in it in the comments-

  2. I think the backgrounds should be simpler or more stylized to make the gameplay in the foreground clearer to the user
    it's cluttered

  3. only league of legends thing i'm interested in now

    hoping it has modding too

  4. this trailer is basically the best music to play at your party tomorrow 😉

  5. Ziggs would get along swimmingly with Mr. Torgue. BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

  6. Of all the Yordles I've read up on, Ziggs is my favorite.

  7. The game was surprisingly good

    I'm real happy that Choice Provisions gets to develop the game and I absolutely love the BIT.TRIP Runner games (especially Runner2 and Runner3)

  8. What did ziggs say at the beginning (not boring)

  9. Just make the arcane mmorpg already you will all be millionaires

  10. If only this is available on mobile… 🙁

  11. Geometry Dash + Ziggs = Rythm Game with Explosions

  12. Why is this one not on PlayStation! Come on!

  13. hi riot can you make another new game (tft 2.0)
    like defending idle LOL for pc and cellphone/adroid

  14. Tgis is what I'll play in league queues!!

  15. This still vibes so much Crash Bandicoot energy and I love it

  16. Riot really just burning Piltover to the ground huh?

  17. I am having crash bandicoot vibes from the art direction.

  18. OOOHHH!!! I just realized that this was developed by the studio who created Bit.Trip saga 🙌🙌🙌👏👏

  19. yes, it is geometry dash. But that is what riot does. They take proven game formulas and try and make them better.

  20. Oh I can't wait for the custom maps of the community are gonna make

  21. Also looks like fun! Riot Forge is going to be the future of League content for sure

  22. el Geometry dash de league of legends… "Que originales"

  23. this looks interesting but it's something I'd expect to be on mobile, not on PC

  24. What is the Shuriman/Bandle Champion Ziggs doing in Piltover?

  25. id never play actually league……but this…ill play

  26. how do i get the game on netflix games?

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