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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Announcement Trailer

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From Choice Provisions comes Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a fast-paced rhythm runner set in Piltover where every action has an explosive reaction and no amount of mayhem is too much. Play as Ziggs on a quest to build the greatest bomb the world has ever seen while outrunning no-fun-allowed Heimerdinger! Arriving on Nintendo Switch and PC, on November 16, 2021.

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  1. Man a Riot rhythm game is what I’ve been waiting for!

  2. I really dislike that kinda artsyle, it's very mobile. But it works for the game and it does look fun so ill be keeping an eye on it

  3. Thank you for steam. I hope you will release all your games there not only in EGS

  4. Может хоть какую-то выпустите?

  5. Is it same composer that made music for crash bandicoot 4?…

  6. do msm jeito q surfou no hype do auto chess, vem ai, friday night funky da riot kkkk

  7. My friend: He said he's dean … the DEAN. That can't be right
    Me: "PUDDING!!"

  8. I was expecting Ratchet & Clank to make their cameo anytime…

  9. Riot: Look at our new League of Legends story. Me: Didn't you forget something? Rito: If I forgot about it, it probably wasn't that important. Ruined King: standing in the rain

  10. Can't go wrong with a rhythm game but this art style is not great. Don't show those models up close, lol.

  11. Are there gonna be custom maps is the question tho

  12. Now make a strategy building game like coc where you pick a region then you get specific structures for that region just like in LoR.

  13. Props for keeping Ziggs voice actor, no props for butchering his looks to be more kid-friendly.

    But this was made really well

  15. ARCANE • A League of Legends Story on Netflix says:

    This is amazing!!

  16. Look what they did to my boy… deformed him into a plastic looking abomination

  17. You know eventually this exponential growth will result in Riot becoming a beast which cannot be fed. Pretty cool to watch in the meantime tho ^_^

  18. To me alone, do some of the moments remind me of a Crash Bandicoot tune?

  19. Just some guy that wants something genuine says:

    Riot lowkey, taking over the entire entertainment industry.

  20. Wheres Ruined king? how dare we make another game without releasing the first lol

  21. the worst part is that the description says is the ruined king game

  22. Smooth Ziggs can’t hurt you. Smooth Ziggs isn’t real.

    Smooth Ziggs:

  23. Why does he sound old?..

    Hi, my name is Zero btw

  24. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE RUINED KING GAME ?>?>?> Ur putting this out and the previous game isn't out xD

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