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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Announcement Trailer

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From Choice Provisions comes Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a fast-paced rhythm runner set in Piltover where every action has an explosive reaction and no amount of mayhem is too much. Play as Ziggs on a quest to build the greatest bomb the world has ever seen while outrunning no-fun-allowed Heimerdinger! Arriving on Nintendo Switch and PC, on November 16, 2021.

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  1. please release this in mobile to❤️🔥

  2. I love rhythm games and this looks promising!
    I hope they don't just drop it like all other spin-offs like Ruined King. 😀

  3. Seems like a fun concept, but that visual style is… really off-putting to me. hope i'll be able to play this despite that, the idea itself is appealing.

  4. Yeah, what happened to the Ruined King game? Why don't you finish the event from earlier this year befire starting another, Rito?

  5. I thought this was going to be an actually good mobile game.
    Oh well.

  6. The music is a banger! I can’t wait to get this game on my Nintendo switch!

  7. so like are you guys gonna finish the ruined king game first? or just let it sit there in the video description, Reminding everyone its not done yet >.>

  8. This looks suspiciously similar to the runner series…. 🤨

  9. Sorry Marketing team but, usually when you want to release a new product you go on your way to check what the market has
    And you know in term of rhythmic platformer, there is this SLIGHTLY big game called Geometry Dash
    Well, you didn't give any reason to play this rather than Geometry Dash
    As of now I can't say I will be playing this

  10. As a huge fan of games like Rhythm Heaven I'm getting this first day.

  11. While I quit playing LoL years ago, all these new LoL spin-offs have reignited my passion for the world of Runeterra and its characters. And I am super stoked for that MMO in the making!

  12. It is pretty cool concept and all, but why oh why Ziggs has those thin, elongated limbs. It's bizzare and uncanny to me. In gameplay they're not that noticable thankfully.

  13. all those year every playing every game riot make have finally come to this

  14. Guess is mandatory have a "Rise" and "Legend never die" level…

  15. c'est de la merde et c'est moche, on veut le fighting game

  16. This actually looks so fun and we thankfully don’t have to wait long

  17. Did he just draw a mustache over heimerdinger?

  18. Ruined king: *insert disappearing man meme here *

  19. Perfect for me, i'm a little obsessed with explosions, bullets, gunshots, guns, but the one i like the most is explosions. especially when there are lots and lots of explosions.

  20. When's Teemo gonna get his game?
    I need my Tails gets Trolled lore.

  21. Am I the only one that got a Ratchet and Clank vibe when first time seen the thumbnail?

  22. Really wish I had that song somewhere. Was good background music

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