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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – Lead Programmer’s Spouse Reviews

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Hello beautiful people! This video is a massive departure from my normal content but I hope you still enjoy. My spouse, Garrett Varrin, is the lead programmer on #HextechMayhem . He works at #ChoiceProvisions that was hired by #RiotForge to make this #LeagueofLegends story. I am so incredibly proud of him and the team at Choice Provisions and wanted to share some of my excitement surrounding this game with you all. I had so much fun playing this game and honestly have been playing it over and over again many times since.
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  1. Nice to meet G-Dog's lovely better half! I'm the other programmer, lol. Thanks for playing. And you're playing them hidden prompts too! Noice.

  2. Thanks for the happy review 😀 the game does look cool. You might also enjoy Runner 3 if you haven't played it. Remember Jesus Loves you 😀 Blessings!

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