Hextech Mayhem A League Of Legends Story FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH Gameplay HD (PC) | NO COMMENTARY - hextech-mayhem.com

Hextech Mayhem A League Of Legends Story FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH Gameplay HD (PC) | NO COMMENTARY

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I hope you guys find this Hextech Mayhem A League Of Legends Story full game walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary video useful.Leave a like and share with your friends if you can 😉 .Soon I’ll be uploading some new videos about more games.

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  1. If u play this game for the first time it’s really hard but if u listen close to the songs it’s not that hard

  2. i like how at 54:14 heinmerdinger sounds like if he was following ziggs musical mayhem yet ziggs doesnt follow the rythm when he answers

  3. Also, this is absolutely not meant to offend anyone nor do you have to answer this question. But do you have OCD? Because I am noticing a few patters in your play style that are giving me that vibe. As someone who does suffer from it, it would bring me a lot of pride if I could correctly tell if someone has it from their gameplay.Also yes, my D&D npc is named Bingo The Cat: A short and orange furred Tabaxi with a burn scar on the side of his face and a good appreciation of chaos. An artificer who often dabbles in explosives, Bingo is a wild card who always is up to inventing something and is never not down for a good fireworks show. Despite his chaotic demeanor, Bingo deep down has a good heart. Unfortunately he is a little prone to being tricked and was roped in to working for the dastardly sorceress to take out our heroes. Fun fact: Bingo always keeps gunpowder in his pockets for good luck.Also the first boss of the campaign is going to be a mech that he designed, built, and pilots.

  4. This game is so cool! Never played League of Legends nor watched Arcane. But I love watching gameplay of this! I’m running a dnd campaign soon with a character that is heavily inspired by Ziggs.

  5. This music is fire. This is the type of stuff I’d love to listen to while playing a game

  6. Congratulations someone finally made a second fully crazy game character with a “explosive” choice of words

  7. Wow you are really good at this game, I'm having a hard time to just staying alive

  8. Why does it only got 1 star on AppStore 🤔 is it bad?

  9. when i figured out the extra beat. I can't pass lvl 3. i need to get 100% lol. 🤣🤣

  10. theres more to this game right? I skipped through the entire video and it just sounded like you were listening to the same song

  11. This explains why Heimerdinger built T-Hex, its to combat Ziggs.

  12. Seems more like a rhythm game than a full fledge platformer.

  13. In the wise words of another man who loves explosions "kabooom"

  14. This game sure doesnt look like it, but its haaaaaard

  15. why not just edit in the best/successful runs in each level so its not showing so many failures or has that moment of "ah damn, missed the base requirement for progress" parts

  16. LORE SPOILERJinx met Ziggs in Piltover base in league Comics

  17. Now I have never had the chance to play either game but I'd say Hextech Mayhem is on par with Mad Rat Dead for me personally.

  18. Maaan, i feel so bad for not having the ruined skin. Looks sick

  19. If you closely at the environment, there's extra beats you can follow to cause more mayhem and therefore get a higher grade apart from the usual arrow and bomb prompts that are on the screen.

  20. This Is the best game ever!!!💥💥🤩💥💥

  21. Just the fun wholesomeness I needed after finishing season 1 of Arcane.

  22. Those bosses are just the same invention just upgraded to look different

  23. It might be short but its chalenging the most of the hardcore gamers

  24. I love this game now. I'm a sucker for rhythm games.

  25. Can I use this as background footage for a youtube video?

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