Hextech Mayhem! A League of Legends Story - First Look and Impressions + Heimerdinger Boss - hextech-mayhem.com

Hextech Mayhem! A League of Legends Story – First Look and Impressions + Heimerdinger Boss

Pants are Dragon
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Hextech Mayhem the League of Legends Geometry Dash?

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  1. Little that he knows that the game only has 1 difficulty and following the melody is actually the harder mode.

  2. I always wonder now who cause more destruction in Piltover. Ziggs or Jinx.

  3. is there only one song with different instruments? xD

  4. They gave Jinx a tragic backstory so I guess they just exported her personality to Ziggs, who already had a different personality in his lore.

  5. Yikes, this is somehow a worse game than Ruined King.

  6. You can use the arrow keys: up=jump, down=drop, right=bomb

  7. my Legue name is the opposite of you, it's ShirtsAreDonkeh

  8. This game is soooo cool, I'm glad riot did this

  9. cant belive they charge 10 for this game. is a shit mobile game. and then a raid shadow legends clone…. for 40. lmao yikes.

  10. I like rhythm games, but to me personally I think the music is too similar in this one. It does differ but it's all very similar. Probably by design it's just not how I prefer my rhythm games.

  11. Why both Ruined king and Hextech Mayhem so expensive in the US? Here, latam, everything is very balanced.

  12. My god, the levels are so damn similar it feels like you're playing the same level ooover and ooover. I don't think Shiot Games should touch the rhythm genre lmao

  13. OMG YOU HAVE BRAWLHALLA <3 funny game for occasionally test it!

  14. For those who don't know, this game isn't made by Riot. It's just an indie studio who partnered with Riot Forge to make this game. Totally zero involvement from Riot

  15. Idea for a drinking game: take a shot every time Pants are Dragon makes an excuse for a missed note.

  16. You were playing half the game, if you only do the recommended button presses it's like playing the game on easy just fyi

  17. I'm not paying all that money for a reskined geometry dash

  18. Pants full ability haste marksman items with the new axiom arc in pbe is super broken like yasuo gets a 10 sec cooldown on his R

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