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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Cause musical mayhem when Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story comes to Nintendo Switch on Nov. 16!

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  1. The song is similar to Crash Bandicoot but still I like it!

  2. El diseño de los personajes es asqueroso, pero el gameplay se mira interesante

  3. Hmm…a rhythm game with Ziggs? xD Well, sounds fun. I used to main Ziggs, but I still play Heimerdinger.

  4. Harmoknight but its league of legends? Intreaguing… Also while i havent played LoL since 4 years ago, its interesting that riot is expanding their franchise into these fun spin offs

  5. The trailer kinda reminds me of the Boom Beach ads

  6. Bring league of legends on switch instead. Just saying

  7. the only worth while thing i see in this trailer is Ziggs… and my love for him as a character is not enough to make me want to play a flappy bird rythim/music game.

  8. Good evening, everyone. 😊 💕 Awesome. 💪 Thank you for always entertaining me. 😍 👌

  9. Wish they didnt look so rubbery its unsettling.

  10. looks at trailer
    Weirdest update to Crypt of the NecroDancer ever. …oh wait, this isn't NecroDancer OR Rhythm Doctor.

  11. Arcane is out and people are like what about A B or C Piltover/Zaun champion… Riots got you covered. With this and Convergence (the Ekko game) riots covered most their bases. I'm hoping for a Camille Urgot Viktor arc for a potential season 2 all about chemtech upgrades and augmentation

  12. Yes just keep on announcing new spin-offs to your moba even though none of the other spin-offs you announced in the past have been released yet

  13. Low-key love the sound of this on a music standpoint

  14. One of the few 3rd Party games I;m excited for

  15. Don't get moneymilked by Nintendo. We need WILD RIFT on switch not this cashcow game.

  16. Imagine this with Pentakill music and a giant mordekaiser on the background as a secret level or dlc

  17. …someone really liked that Deadpool game trailer it seems.

  18. The main character in this game is basically my personality

  19. This is such a pathetic IP grab. You could literally super impose any character over Ziggs and it would be the same game. The art direction is awful. It looks like an off brand League while Riot simultaneously tries appealing to the tween crowd. I love League & Nintendo but damn guys, this not the way… :-/

  20. Put fall guys on Nintendo By next year please

  21. Can this make the theme music for Battlefield Heroes?

  22. Riot, konti konti lang baka di kayanin ni Moontanga yung lahat ng pwede nilang kopyahin

  23. BitTrip Runner sequels have been coming in weird forms these days. First bubsy, now this.

  24. Mad rat dead with a few different mechanics and league of legends skin. Cool ig

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