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Hextech Mayhem | 8-3 Challenger Rank

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tough one

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  1. around 0:36 and other times this appreas you have to do the last bomb ALMOST PERFECTLY or else it will break the tnt box that you have to ground pound.

  2. Can you try this level in full action mode ? i think the level is bugged in that mode

  3. In full action mode, this was by far the most unfun level in the entire game. At 0:59 and 1:14, you have to make jumps that you can't actually make without butchering it because you're still stuck in the air when you have to make them…

  4. Thanks for the videos bro they really help 👍🏾

  5. This is a cool rhythm game,how much does it cost and what game console you need to get it

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