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Hextech Mayhem | 8-1 Challenger Rank

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Also doable, but I had some funny 199% runs before I actually got it 😀

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  1. Many times I've tried to get challenger rank on this level, and even though I'm doing PERFECT runs of the level, there's always something that I didn't destroy and also don't know what it could have been…EDIT: FINALLY found what I wasn't destroying several times ago.

  2. when trying to challenger this one by myself, i once got REAAAAALLY CLOSE, but choked at the end, and missed. didn't even bonk, just missed, and beated the level.got everything…BESIDE THAT ONE NOTEEVERYTHING ELSE WAS HEREim just angry at myself

  3. Top quality. I think it would be really interesting to see the stat screen at the end. Who's with me on this? 😀

  4. Level freaking 8 already and you’ve gotten challenger on all of them. I love everything about this!!!! And on a side note, if you think this is incredible, you should check out Trex’s spin rhythm videos. He’s freaking amazing at that as well!!!!!!!!

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