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Hextech Mayhem | 4-3 Challenger Rank

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Alright, the first boss waits to get beaten!
I am going to stream my attempts live on Twitch in 1 hour (10pm CET):
Let’s see how hard it’s going to be…

Get the game here:


  1. I hate this level, specially the last balloons 💀, im literally following the rhythm right and the game just says "nah" and skips it

  2. Thanks for this video. I was actually doing bomb jump down but i cant get the white hextech that way lol now I know how

  3. oh god that ending oh god I'm gonna miss one of those balloons on my perfect run, aren't I oh no

  4. Glad that I'm not the only one that think this level is hellish. But looks like I'm the only one that has troubles with the balloons.

  5. I just want to thank you for uploading these because I use them to play at 50% speed on levels I'm stuck at and mimic the inputs the up to 75% etc. it really helps

  6. I actually hate this level with everything in me

  7. Hello, I'm stuck on this level because it seems I miss 1 hextech item, but I can't find it even on a replay of my "succesful" run :/ If have any idea to help me it could be cool ;_;

  8. honestly fuck this level, i know i'm hitting the timing but there's some sections where it's just not reading it and it's honestly starting to piss me off lololo

  9. This level is pure hell. There are few bombs that need to be timed perfectly, the first baloon is difficult to break, ending is just cruel and I just realised that I need to change a whole part of sequence, because I'm missing the white gizmo. I've been stuck on it for almost 4 hours now ;_;

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