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Hextech Mayhem | 15-Boss Challenger Rank

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Normal mode full Challenger DONE! Now it’s time for Full Action Mode…

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  1. i beated the normal mode a few days ago, so here are my opinons on full action and impossible modes:-impossible is Geometry dash's Geometrical dominator's memory part but a mode, or just incognito arrows (i hope you guys know how much of a pain in the ass the memory part of geometrical dominator is)-full action spices up the gameplay quite a bit by making you hit all the hidden arrows, why ignoring mayhem and gizmos (idc about the gizmos but no mayhem counter makes this mode MUUUUUUUUUUCH easier)-also, full action is something i can "use" to make it easier to try and beat some levels while not triggering 4x (i expanded this idea in my other comment)

  2. I had and I mean HAD TO mess up THE LAST INPUT on the only game where I managed to get 200% damage. It's really mean to put odd-beat-long-presses during pauses like that like why ;-;But I don't really care, I LOVE THIS LEVEL SO MUCH it goodAlso, congrats on the full Challenger clear, you rhythmic master you!

  3. 1:37 will always be my favorite part of this level.

  4. yo i'm still wondering what is the mega inferno bombs that is hidden and we didn't do it at last when you show score

  5. Amazing! Great Job on the achievement! Would argue you're probably the first.

  6. You did so good in all of these levels. Pardon my complaining on some of the music in the later levels, I'm just really passionate about this game. Thank you for your time in perfecting this game for the world to see!

  7. A nice break after 14-3 I'm sure! I expect Full Action mode will only take you a couple hours 😛

  8. Full Action is good for practicing Insane. Since you can memories the notes clearer than "gotta jump here so I got a balloon" .

  9. Good luck with full action mode. Some can get a little overwhelming in the later levels.

  10. it's been a fun time seeing you get challenger on all 36 levels and the 3 boss levels. Can't wait to see you tackle full action and impossible mode!!!!!

  11. Having trouble with consistency at the beginning of this one for some reason. Keep taking damage even though I'm hitting the up arrows.
    EDIT: did the second jump half a beat early and managed to get pretty consistent at not being hit. Doesn't work for full-action mode though.

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