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Hextech Mayhem | 11-1 Challenger Rank

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Now we are getting to the really hard ones!

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  1. This one is so difficult and yet so fun to play. I needed to watch your run to find out where the white cog was, I didn't know you had to jump right before the bomb to destroy that box on that part and I just got challenger on this level. Good job! I absolutely loved this level

  2. Ich sehe steam ist auf Deutsch, nice
    Und wiedermal mein Respekt, ich persöhnlich hänge einfach bei 2-1 da war mein bestes 99% -.-

  3. I can't believe that only a week ago you were at the beginning of this game and now you've gotten challenger on everything up to world 11. that's amazing!!!!

  4. Alright ima try to get challenger. See you in 200 years

  5. Just got Challenger on This level! It's one of my favorites (between 10-15 at least). Well played of course

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