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Hextech Mayhem | 1-3 Challenger Rank

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Those levels get harder and harder, don’t expect me to release multiple videos in one day anymore 😀

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  1. Actually i think they should add a gameplay-category option to make 4x multiplier doesn't change music so cheking how non-4x music sounds compared to 4x version would be easier.What do you think about it? It would be nice to easily take a look at for example 1-2 without 4x bcuz i like the way non-4x sounded and i would love to check how full non 4x sounds.

  2. Got 1st one Chally, haha. 2nd is currently Diamond. Just beat the game. Going back now and trying to Get these perfected. It isnt EASY XD. WELL DONE!

  3. I did not reach challenger yet, I have the bonus chaos at 98% idk where I'm missing the 2% omg dfkjd
    But really nice video! It did help with the part at 30s for me haha

  4. Brooo you have the rhytm!!
    I hope i could switch the annoying PC controls :/

  5. This game is in serious need of a custom track maker and sharing platform

  6. I also did this on full action mode and I got challenger rank

  7. Trying to perfect my previous levels after the tutorial for “free styling” and MAN THE BALLOONS ARE HARD LOL! You did awesome!! I can do the gear bombs but can’t keep up with the balloons 😭

  8. Oh my i finally got chall on this level after 3 hours of tryhard lol (i struggled so hard at 0:22)

  9. Bought this game today. Love it. Gives me something to do when im bored or not doing anything

  10. Lol that part on 0:240:25 is so difficult suprised I actually 100% the first three stages. Now I have to try beating all the others and find the right rhythm for all the other stages

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