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Hextech Mayhem 1-2: Warden a Feeling — Challenger Tips and Tricks

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Update: I was just notified that there exists a mode where all the hidden inputs are revealed. Guess I’ll stop wasting my time (did 1-3 for some sense of completion though ). Source:

This level, despite being the second in the game, gave me pain and suffering for a good few hours in the middle of the night and screwed up my sleep schedule. Though it’s a breeze if you do the bare minimum (follow the prompts on screen). Props to Riot Forge for making that work.

Ended up with a couple of 99% Mayhem attempts to my name there. Even if I route everything perfectly there’s still the chance I leave ONE object behind and have to start it all over again. I feel like Challenger runs are deffo gonna be pain if the SECOND level in the game put up this much resistance.

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  1. This level gave me a 5 hour he🏒🏒It would always say 99% and i just gave up after that 🙁

  2. I still got 99% in mayhem even though i got everything in the stats

  3. Love the prompt queue at the bottom. Well played!

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