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Hextech Mayhem | 1-2 Challenger Rank

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Something new and different today! Found this game today and it’s really fun so far. Grinded the best medal on level 1 and 2 so far. I am probably going to upload my run of the challenger medal of 1-1 tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this one! ^^

Get the game here:


  1. Thanks bro I was missing the one at 1:03 that need jump down in the floor haha

  2. ah i got grand master but now i see what i was missing. this game is so fun!

  3. This game is incredibly difficult by the pay off is so satisfying

  4. After seeing some of the later levels in this game, it's going to take DAYS to get some of them down. This game gets crazy in the right way.

  5. This game blew my expectations out of the water. Its really simple to play and extremely hard to master, formula for a great game. Having alot of fun with it.

  6. This level has the best song I've played so far but I can't find the song stand alone anywhere. The official OST on Youtube doesn't even have all of the songs in the game.

  7. I swear I just cannot get the timing at the ending when it comes to the alternate bombs and down arrows. That’s the only thing I have to get right to get challenger

  8. After beating 1-1 and getting challenger, I cant play other levels unless I achieve challenger in all of them

    The beat just sound less exciting when playing “normal” way

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