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Hextech Mayhem 1-1: Bombs Away! — Challenger Tips and Tricks

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Leave it to Riot to give special twists to every genre they set their hands on — rhythm game included.

Getting perfect runs in this game isn’t as simple as following the actions on screen. You need to blow up EVERYTHING — even if that means going off script to weave in extra actions.

Sorry about the reduced frame rate. The PC I was using decided to not exist and my replacement PC runs on combustible lemons (which is also why The Five Stack 5 was postponed).

Update: I was just notified that there exists a mode where all the hidden inputs are revealed. Guess I’ll stop wasting my time (maaaaay do 1-3 for some sense of completion though).

The footage for this video was recorded live on Twitch! If every subscriber also followed my Twitch streams, I could open the Temporal Energy reward system! Come and join some of my raw footage recording sessions at



  1. This helped, for I just got Hextech Mayhem.

  2. Awesome video! but.. feedback is weak, few comments.. As for me, you need a target audience. Without help, it will take a long time, but you can try u t i f y OR maybe u t u b e r for real views!

  3. I get 106/108 everytime I try it and I can't find out why. One time I got 107 somehow but still not 108. Any idea what I might be missing? Do I need to do everything perfect?

  4. I dunno why I got 74/77 Hidden Action Prompts Hit and 106/108 Hextech Mayhem Objects Destroyed D:

  5. Don't need walkthroughs, bc if u complete the story, full action mode is avaiable. But GG!

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