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Hextech Mayhem 1-1: Bombs Away! — Challenger Tips and Tricks

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Leave it to Riot to give special twists to every genre they set their hands on — rhythm game included.

Getting perfect runs in this game isn’t as simple as following the actions on screen. You need to blow up EVERYTHING — even if that means going off script to weave in extra actions.

Sorry about the reduced frame rate. The PC I was using decided to not exist and my replacement PC runs on combustible lemons (which is also why The Five Stack 5 was postponed).

Update: I was just notified that there exists a mode where all the hidden inputs are revealed. Guess I’ll stop wasting my time (maaaaay do 1-3 for some sense of completion though).

The footage for this video was recorded live on Twitch! If every subscriber also followed my Twitch streams, I could open the Temporal Energy reward system! Come and join some of my raw footage recording sessions at



  1. Awesome video! but.. feedback is weak, few comments.. As for me, you need a target audience. Without help, it will take a long time, but you can try u t i f y OR maybe u t u b e r for real views!

  2. This helped, for I just got Hextech Mayhem.

  3. I get 106/108 everytime I try it and I can't find out why. One time I got 107 somehow but still not 108. Any idea what I might be missing? Do I need to do everything perfect?

  4. I dunno why I got 74/77 Hidden Action Prompts Hit and 106/108 Hextech Mayhem Objects Destroyed D:

  5. Don't need walkthroughs, bc if u complete the story, full action mode is avaiable. But GG!

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