Death Battle Jinx vs Harley Quinn Reaction -

Death Battle Jinx vs Harley Quinn Reaction

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Fight Night Friday is a reaction to Jinx vs Harley Quinn Death Battle. We are watching Injustice Stage Transitions on Definitely Not Definitive Games later today. The score is 2-1 with Bethany in the lead to see who can guess the most Death Battles correctly. To see all of our Death Battle reactions check out this playlist

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  1. Hope you'll watch Arca-wait… didn't you already did that? 🤔

  2. "Kamehameha" is Goku's signature move in DBZ (and is also used by a few other characters too)

  3. Okay, okay. I know people will get on me but Harley should have won. See just because you have an immunity due to your area. Doesn't count for new areas and things your body never met. So the joker toxin should work. So the tolerance shouldn't matter

  4. Awesome video! Would love to see your reactions to the death battle after this one which is Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna.

  5. Also it's not right to scale Harley to Batman, who is said by editors at DC that he is the embodiment of plot armor in DC. So, yeah

  6. So while I agree that Harley being intelligent to try & get Jinx in a false sense of security could work, like others said, she would need more knowledge of Jinx to let it play out potentially better, & when they say she's inherently mistrusting of others, I think that's what they are referring to. She wouldn't provide any information to be in such a position. Also Harley might be able to do such a thing, it doesn't always work. Remember, she tried curing the Joker (someone who is JUST as insane) & instead went from Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn, & Joker is almost never affected by Harleys own attempts to get his guard down, & Joker isn't the only to have overcome these tactics. Jinxs own mental state is kind of similar in that regard (At least League Jinx where she's experienced where Arcane Jinx is like the prologue to her current form). I bet if they explained it better like that, it would be more accepting of Harleys loss.

  7. I mean Harley did fall under the sway of Joker. Is Harley therapy skills that impressive in light of that?

  8. Well damn..Harley 🙁
    Congrats to Jinx TvT
    That was so amazing hehe, Bethany and Ken :3

  9. Have you guys seen the Harley Quinn show on HBO? It’s seriously incredible and made me appreciate Harley even more as a character!

  10. THIS IS A CLASSIC!!!!!

  11. You're right, there's no consistency here. They are using old material, retconned stuff, and non canon stuff for Jinx. Also Necrit did a decent job in a video talking about ALL league characters power after the retcon. Jinx is one of the weakest. She's just human. Where most humans have insane gear or special power or skills.

  12. Idk what ones you have planned but can you please do Luigi vs tails or Dan hibiki vs Mr Satan whenever you have the chance

  13. They took away each characters final quotes for time constraints, i think.
    By the way, do you know about BDX? If not, i highly recommend checking it out, maybe start off with the Gogeta vs Vegito DBX?

  14. Have you read the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Webtoon yet, it’s a pretty entertaining read.

  15. To answer your question about the League in League of Legends the idea is the characters from runeterra are being summoned essentially out of time and space to compete in the league which according to the original lore was supposed to be an alternative to massive scale war in the world of runeterra. The champions summoned for this would be dropped back into their world/time none the wiser anything had happened after the match had concluded.

    As to your comment about Arcane it is the actual main cannon of runeterra the league is more of the side cannon thing

  16. I recommend watching Joker vs Sweet Tooth next.

  17. One important detail: As much as I love Harley I'm satisfied with the results.

    When two people are fighting, it's important to know that you have Fighter A & Fighter B. If Fighter A wins, then that's the way it goes.

    In the end every fighter loses a fight, whether your too old, got sick, it just wasn't your day or whatever it is, it happens.

    In the end all you can do is try to stay on top for a while and be the best.

  18. Great video hope everyone enjoyed hope everyone is doing well and had a great day can’t wait to see the injustice video

  19. I’d say the next death battle with what u’re watching might be Dante vs Bayonetta or Ragna vs Sol Badguy. Only reason to not go for DvB is u might want to finish the story vids first but I will say at the point DB did the clash DMC5 didn’t exist yet

  20. Chemtech is a big thing in LoL, you've already seen the beginning of it in Arcane (Sevika's arm, the dudes that Jayce and Vi fought in the Shimmer Factory).

    Where as Piltover has Hextech, Zaun has Chemtech, and very few characters realize that both are needed for true Progress

  21. Ya I find this battle a miss in a way, adding her tanking his from braum based on lore and gameplay was not something I would include as capabilities she should have and the game based equipment shouldn't count but that's just my opinion

  22. You should react to the apex mobile trailers they're really good lol they won't show up on apexs main YouTube though

  23. Few words to say:

    You both lose…..
    And yet you also won

    Because you lost together, quite poetic.

  24. Being emotionally unstable doesn't mean you lose fights. :p

  25. 13:25 Arcane is actually cannon. It’s because jinx and vi had next to no backstory before arcane that they were able to create their backstory with Arcane. What they were trying to say in death battle is that Jinx has many different non cannon skins and stories as if she was in different universes which they wouldn’t consider like if jinx was a magical girl.

  26. Guys react to “fight god” if you haven’t already the video is cool and design is cool. I wanna see which one will win again lol

  27. Honestly I don't think Harley making jinx crack would have helped her at all. Because in the first place it will just made her more dangerous. She'll be more likely to just nuke the area more than anything. And I don't think Harley really had much that could have taken her down.
    But not only that Harley just didn't know anything about her and wouldn't have been able to properly use that psychoanalytical stuff

  28. Others have probably covered this, but a few things to keep in mind:

    1. Harley's choice of psychological bait phrase was an allusion to the Joker in some other contexts

    2. The animation isn't typically intended to be the basis for analysis, but is primarily for entertainment. For example, there are battles where why combatant is so superior they should instantly destroy the other with no effort in a single attack (e.g. Thor vs Raiden). However, that isn't fun to watch. They are trying to represent the characters well, but don't think the verdict is based on what actions a character takes in the animation, even though they sometimes reference those actions because the actions were specifically highlighting point from their analysis. It is the analysis that is the basis (there are some older seasons and battles where that line is far more fuzzy as they were still figuring out the format and formula of the show).

    3. Harley and Jinx were meeting for a spontaneous battle with zero knowledge. In other words, Harley doesn't get prep time, so it isn't like she is able to investigate and apply her psychological skills significantly while dodging rockets in a fight where she is substantially outclassed in stats. If Death Battle allowed prep time, characters like Batman, Joker, Black Panther, Iron Man, Lex Luthor and Spider-Man would be able to take on characters way above their standard combat abilities, but these are spontaneous battles.

  29. When I first watched this fight I didn't even consider psychology as a potential threat for Jinx but I think you are right. Perhaps why it didn't work for the death battle team is because they tend to use the most powerful version of the character so they are using the more advanced LOL Jinx, who might be less susceptible to mind games, more stable, than the arcane version many of us only know. It would have been a nice touch if they had explained if that was the reason.

  30. As far as death battle one thing you need to know and you probably noticed so far is they use composite characters meaning they put all there feats from across mediums into one so that’s why Jinx they use feats from games books anime you name it and put it as one

  31. Harley is Joker's Partner. Subpar character at best.
    Jinx is FEMALE JOKER ON A FANTASY UNIVERSE. One of the main villains of the City of Progress.
    Her weapons are magic fueled what did you expect?

  32. Well, this really came down to, who can win in a fight, Dr. Frasier Crane or Sheldon Cooper and the winner was Sheldon Cooper, this was, therapists versus scientists and science won..

  33. Guys next death battle broly vs hulk . Its a very good one

  34. Summoner's Rift isn't canon … it's where you put humans up against literal gods and have it balanced enough for a popular ADC like Jinx to regularly pentakill entire enemy teams.
    Using Summoner's Rift would be similar to using Kryptonian pills from Injustice, 'cos that's the only way Harley survives a punch from a Superman who isn't holding back.

  35. "Dante VS Bayonetta" or "Wolverine VS Raiden"

  36. Thats a first to see you guys disagree with a battle from them, unless i forgot other times you prolly did besides this

    Well you can actually argue they didnt get it right with an episode if you were to know the characters enough and be bothering to take it up on that, not familiar as much with harley or jinx but overall many that are, as well as being into arguments of who wins a fight between characters agree to this one

    Also fun fact, this is the 1st death battle with a DC character losing against someone that isnt from Marvel, DC overall in their videos win many of their fights, even if some they shouldnt, Marvel was the only franchise where DC would lose from time to time, but never against any other non-Marvel series, so Jinx pretty much made history here in the vs matches community as the 1st non-Marvel character to beat a DC character, granted this episode aired around end of March i think, of this year, so its the only character outside Marvel to do this for now recently

  37. It is hard to show a persons intelligence in a death battle unless it’s something they can do immediately for example Iron Man can hack of another person suit or tech in the middle of a fight, but someone like Batman needs more time to prep and plan based off the information they have

  38. You guys should react to dio vs alucard it should be an interesting watch

  39. Tbh, Ingames item aside, Jinx was gonna win this one either way as Harley in this form isn’t strong enough to take on Jinx not to mention her toxins just triggers her insanity which even when unstable she can fully function well enough to defend herself and get what she wants done, her shimmer infusion makes her very strong too…also if you go with the argument they didn’t used peak Harley which is apocalypse Harley, where she is able to take on darkseid then they would have to use peak power jinx too which is her star guardian or odyssey variants which can legit erase existence, manipulate time, void, and much more, can space travel, and a load more…so as I said, either way you look at it, Jinx was the victorious side all along but props for Harley to been able to hold her off that long

  40. nah dude, clearly Harley would win but who wants to discuss that with LoL players

  41. You need to watch solid snake vs sam Fisher it's such a good one and in my opinion the best death battle they have made

  42. That was a good reaction I know you cut out some parts due to rooster teeth being claiming the right. Now please react to Thanos vs Darkseid Deathbattle

  43. React to Thanos vs Darkseid Deathbattle

  44. Wow guys that was cool. Could you please react to thanos vs darkseid Deathbattle

  45. Please react to Thanos vs Darkseid death battle

  46. Thanos vs Darkseid Deathbattle reaction please

  47. I am so excited to see you guys continue with this series. It's silly fun, and strangely such a great source for learning about all these diverse worlds and characters.

    I definitely have my favorites (I think Weiss vs Mitsuru is amazingly animated and choreographed for one), but all of them are great in their own way.

    Thanks again, and keep being awesome.

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