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Bugged Heimerdinger boss fight in Hextech Mayhem [PC]

Ernest Peiris
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I started playing Hextech Mayhem today, only to realize that I cannot beat the Heimerdinger boss fight due to a game-breaking bug. His turrets are supposed to shoot on beat, and you avoid them by hitting the notes on time. Here instead, his turrets seems to shoot sporadically, and multiple times, making you take damage you’re not supposed to.


  1. Looks like it has to do with the refresh rate of your screen. I have a 75Hz screen and was having this problem. Making the game lock at 60fps solved the problem.

  2. I'm having this issue too! I was hitting everything and kept dying, so then I started going for the hidden stuff as well and I was still hitting most of it but it was making no difference! Tried closing and reopening but that hasn't helped… Might try uninstalling and reinstalling
    What platform are you on?

  3. I found a solution to this issue by switching my game from having V-sync off to on. After making this change the turrets now fire at normal speed, along to the music.

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