Another New Riot Game!? Hextech Mayhem, A League of Legends Story - Gameplay/Review -

Another New Riot Game!? Hextech Mayhem, A League of Legends Story – Gameplay/Review

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  1. i get that you wanna review the game but… you are being a hypocrite by saying the same thing for 5 minutes nonstop. no offense. "the gameplay is redundant" yes. your review is redundant as well man.. we get it. its a mobile game. maybe they will just transfer it to mobile since they already have wild rift and mobile assets as well. talk about the different potentials of the game, the audience this could be made for (maybe for young kids), what you would like to see it to become – maybe a game similar to megaman or something. just railing riot for 5 minutes made this video as unappealing to watch as it is to play the game itself. first video ive ever watched on your channel that im kind of disappointed with : just some constructive criticism. look forward to your future videos.

  2. Just looks like a more accessible rhythm game compared to like muse dash, low frustration factor so quite suitible for beginners in that genre or just casuals. I think for mobile they set their visual style to high plus it's quite uncommon for phone games to be priced over 3 bucks and ads aren't really an option for riot

  3. The game looks like geometry dash but cuter btw hi totks

  4. I'm not impressed, the game looks cheap. I hope following ones are not as bad as this one.

  5. It actually does have keyboard controls, but they are as bad as the mouse controls, unfortunately.

  6. is this out now or its still a closed beta or smth?

  7. Just play osu!, muse dash or super hexagon instead

  8. You can use keyboard, the arrow key. About the repeat of game play, yeah you're right, but you're also missing one thing, is that there are hidden notes, you could watch Dev interview. Those hidden notes will be main point of the game, the deep, the level, the master is all in those hidden notes.

  9. If we make our new maps, im pretty sure there will be dedicated people who will try, kinda like osu

  10. seeing a game "like" that release by riot, feel like they will release more game like this one

  11. I played it and honestly most of the songs sound the same and to hit all the hidden notes is pretty fucking hard. Itll probably take me a while to get used to it. My biggest complaint is the music sounds the same and I've played like 2 hours

  12. Very well said. This does not have much attached to the league story and just a mobile game

  13. I was curious about this game since I didn't hear about it … Now I understand why

  14. well… there are many games in PC that only use mouse just like plants vs zombies, diner dash, feeding frenzy etc… im not mad about the gameplay, just the game is not for hardcore gamers

  15. You can definitely fail levels by not jumping at the right time. My main problem with it is, that I can't reconfigure the controls. Having the go down thing on mousewheel is so counterintuitive.

  16. I wanna play the fighting game. Seems like a great Switch game though.

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