About Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

About Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

About Hextech Mayhem

Exciting announcements by major gaming companies always generate a lot of buzz. But marketing specialists know better than revealing all the cards early on. The recently teased LoL spinoff is no different. The promotional trailer showed just enough to attract the audience’s attention. At first glance, the concept seems pretty cut and dried. However, many important details still remain a mystery. Users theorizing about Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story are free to do so. But making too many assumptions may be doing the upcoming release a disservice. Too many works have suffered from fans setting their expectations too high. Instead of wasting time on speculations, learn concrete information from this article. What does the term rhythm runner actually entail? And how could characters from a popular MOBA possibly fit into a side-scrolling musical puzzle? Read on to get a better idea and prepare for the potential hit in advance.

Explosive Mixture

Hextech Mayhem A League of Legends Story

Before getting to the meat of the matter it is reasonable to mention the backstory. After all, the news about the peculiar title came as a surprise to the community. Those familiar with the franchise have probably heard about Riot Forge. This subdivision of the famous developer specializes in side-projects related to their main brainchild. They typically collaborate with third-party studios allowing them to experiment with the renowned IP. In this case, the responsibility fell on Choice Provisions. The team is best known for their Bit Trip series of arcade-style music platformers. Given this context, the choice of the genre starts making a lot more sense.

Top Facts About Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story Available Online

Hextech Mayhem A League of Legends Story Available Online

To avoid spreading misinformation, the list below is based exclusively on the official promo materials. It acknowledges everything that gamers can expect to see in the retail version:

  • The events take place in the city of Piltover, the center of culture and commerce
  • The protagonist is Ziggy, the mischievous Hexplosive expert, one of Runeterra’s champions
  • Heimerdinger, the obsessive and admittedly uptight professor, takes on the role of the antagonist
  • The gameplay revolves around pressing appropriate keystrokes in sync with the beat of the song
  • By pushing the necessary buttons, the player unleashes bombs that wreak havoc on the surroundings
  • Chaining attacks together results in awesome combos and unlocks score multipliers
  • Every successful move produces a sound effect that harmonizes with the background theme
  • The journey consists of numerous levels with unique layouts, obstacles, and enemy positions
  • There are multiple ways to complete each stage
  • The launch is scheduled for November, 16 on Steam, Epic, GoG, Switch, and Netflix

That is all there is to know About Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story. Play it as soon as it drops or wait for future discounts. The preorder price is affordable already but that doesn’t mean it will not go down. Accompany beloved heroes on their hilarious adventure and have fun.