1-1 Bombs Away 100% Challenger Rank! Hextech Mayhem - hextech-mayhem.com

1-1 Bombs Away 100% Challenger Rank! Hextech Mayhem

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  1. Thought I did 100% of the game and it gives me with this shit of "Hidden action prompts". -.- Only Rito to make a game like this for the sake of frustration.

  2. this is how using 100% of your brain looks like

  3. Thought game was dumb easy until lesson 2 came along then I was like oh shit

  4. Good job man, i'm surprised that the game is actually very hard, I enjoy it a lot

  5. for how complex the inputs need to be to get even level 1-1 to challenger, I cant even fathom what the later levels require….. and then there's different modes to make them EVEN MORE CHALLENGING.

  6. I only got Diamond, was wondering what Im missing… turns out theres alot

  7. The music reminds me of the old crash bandicoot games.

  8. I always just have 99% and I dont know why…..I'm hitting everything but I'm always missing 1% but I dont know where ;-;

  9. I just played for like an hour and still cant get more than master on lvl 1 (I already knew the prompts wasnt all and there was extra stuff but I hadn't seen anyone do extra stuff) it rly is harder than i thought

  10. it took to me 2-3 hours to get Challenger rank in the 1-1 lvl Xd, so yeah, there is a lot of dev and work in this game, i like it too

  11. Now do it in impossible mode! 😂 Really funny game, enjoy it very much!

  12. i dont know what im doing differnt from you but im not hitting all the objects apparently? i keep getting 99%

  13. Anyone know what the maximum score possible on this stage? These are my scores –

    Normal Mode:
    35,495 page score, 35,980 display score, APH-P 83, APH-G 4, HAPH-P 72, HAPH-P 5.

    Full Action:
    77,410 page score, 77,410 display score, APH-P 163, APH-G 1.

    Impossible Mode:
    120,750 page score, 121,650 display score, HAPH-P 161, HAPH-G 3.

    This first stage is so fking fun. I got Challenger on it in all modes but I keep playing it because it just flows so damn well. Game feels amazing once you master a stage. Also I want the perfect score which is really hard to get. Not sure yet how to determine a Perfect hit from a Good hit. Might try to up the sound of effects and hear it if there is a difference there maybe (EDIT: there is not).

    Keep at it people! This is one hell of a fun stage and it's not too hard to memorize all the moves after an hour or two. I play on PC and only use the mouse to play. Fantastic game and as you said, it has incredible depth.

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